Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Over 25 years in the corporate learning and development industry, designing and developing unforgettable learning experiences.

We help clients solve problems, and adapt to changing learners and new worker realities. How? By identifying and addressing the learning challenges they face and creating and implementing audience-focused learning strategies that target business objectives and improve the target audience’s productivity, performance, skills, and knowledge.

We have worked with clients to help them understand the future trends of corporate learning, consulted on staffing, team structure and organizational needs to meet clients learning responsibilities. The Dadoly Group designs and develops unforgettable learning solutions including micro-learning, gamification, authoring tool development, performance support strategies and apps, helped clients retain knowledge through capture – transfer – management portal websites and collaborative learning strategies. We are advocates (and early adopters) of storytelling in learning, incorporating stories into learning solutions to improve engagement and retention.

Our Approach

Identify the challenge before building the solution.

01. Define Goals

Identify the strategic business objectives that must be met.

02. Assess Business & Performance Needs

Who’s the target audience? What are the business & performance requirements needed to meet business objectives?

03. Indentify Gaps

What should be happening? What is happening? What is the gap?

04. Design a Strategy

Pull in the right knowledge experts. Craft a solution to address the gap between should and is.

05. Develop & Implement

Make sure it’s engaging and integrated into their workflow.

06. Measure Results

Not just passing exams. Measuring that performance has improved.

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H2O Partners

Consulted/advised on learning trends, performance analysis, learning program design and production process, team structure, and resources. Worked closely with H2O leadership to design, present, and close learning solution opportunities with their clients and prospects.
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Fidelity Investments

Designed, developed or managed the development of a variety of learning solutions including over 300 e-learning courses, job aids, videos, educational multimedia, and learning portals.

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Teneo Knowledge

Consulted on the design of Teneo’s internal learning, leadership, and organizational development strategy.
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Broadridge Financial Solutions

Designed and developed a custom solution for the capture, transfer, and management of knowledge within its sales and marketing team. The solution was a state-of-the-art internal learning portal website to manage knowledge, and deliver easily accessible just-in-time training content to employees.

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Agile Talent

Each challenge is unique and approached with no preconceived solutions or tools. The focus is always on designing the right solution. Designing the right solution requires the right team. Just as each challenge is unique, so is each team of knowledge experts assembled to solve it. Our network of learning industry experts are brought in for specific projects that require their unique skills. The best and brightest talent working to develop cutting edge solutions that solve problems.

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