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Craig Dadoly Builds Learning Strategies

Over 22 years in the corporate learning and development industry, the last 16 years as a learning solutions advisor, designer and producer.

Craig helps clients solve problems and adapt to new worker realities. How?
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Thermo Fisher Scientific VP Global Talent Management & Development

Mike Glass

Craig gets things done. He has been a valuable resource for me and my teams over the years by helping us design creative solutions to address a variety of learning needs and business challenges. Craig brings significant knowledge of the learning industry and its trends, as well as a creative approach to solving problems. His passion for learning and development is obvious, and his ability to easily work with a variety of teams to help successfully create strategies and solutions focused on meeting business objectives has been impactful.

Fidelity Investments Sr. Director of Learning Technologies & Training Operations

David Igel

When facing a business challenge, Craig consistently generates creative high-impact designs and partners extremely well with all levels of clients to deliver a targeted and cutting-edge solution. Craig is the rare professional who combines creativity with business savvy and builds relationships along the way to fantastic end product. I value the opportunity to work with Craig.

H2O Partners CEO

Jo Ann Howard

Having worked with Craig Dadoly for over four years now, I can attest to his professional genius in designing and delivering learning in the corporate and government arenas. He has been a pathfinder for our company in the use of emerging technology, models for accelerated knowledge transfer and organization collaboration. When faced with a challenge posed by our federal, state and private sector clients for us to solve, Craig moves with the speed of light to provide alternatives and recommendations along with a workable plan for getting to the best solution for clients. Creativity and focus on his part has allowed H2O Partners to move ahead of our competition and yielded work opportunities we would not have had otherwise.

Teneo Knowledge CEO

Byron Corder

Craig has been and continues to be, a fantastic asset to Teneo Knowledge. He has worked with Teneo in multiple roles and remains an excellent asset as a learning architect. Craig has an extensive knowledge of education, learning development, and he helps Teneo with learning strategies for a variety of Teneo clients. Craig’s integrity and work ethic are unmatched, and I will continue to look to Craig for his expertise as a learning architect for years to come.

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